Each client has a unique work system, for this purpose we provide independent, reliable and professional administrative support. Some of the services to serve the different needs of clients include the following areas:

- Development of Business Plan: Guide for a plan for your successful Internet strategy.

Graphic design : Business cards, envelopes with your business logo, corporate image, presentation sheet for your letters and business communications, brochures, catalogs, flyers. Digital printing service on demand or in quantities for lithographic printing.

- Marketing : Assistance in the development of promotion techniques, creation and distribution of communications, contact and work with advertising companies. Promotional Products (Merchandising)..


- Merchandising Products : Variety of promotional products price diversity. Printing your logo and information on keychains, glasses, mugs, magnets, calendars, diaries, pens, t-shirts, umbrellas and many more. Promote your business

- Translations : Translations from English to Spanish, Spanish to English in all types of documentation.

- Research on the Internet and other media, about your industry. Data on your global competence, innovative and modern techniques for implementation in your business.

- Creation and design of formats : implementation of a system to bill your clients.

- Communications : Writing and typing articles about your company, writing seminars or other presentations. Creation of informative flyer (Newsletter, letter in the form of news about your company) either internal or external.

- Correspondence : Correspondence management. Send correspondence to your clients and / or other communications between businesses through conventional mail, verify your e-mails and answer those of potential customers who want information about your company.

- Monograph : Creation and / or monoographies of all kinds of documents for your company or personal use; letters, manuals, reports, memos, contracts, etc.

- Presentations : for your meetings for the exhibition of your business.

- Investigative works : Infographic, etc.

- C onsultas for the organization and effective Planning : System of archiving and organizing documents, design of internal documents for organization of agendas.

- Assistance to the Human Resources Department : Receiving and verifying summaries, checking references, coordinating interviews, designing a form for review, preparation, descriptions of jobs and positions, announcing notices in the newspaper and the Internet, creating and typing instructions and procedures for employees.

- Creation of Digital Documents : Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.